Deal or No Deal Classic

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How would you like to take on the Banker in this all new Deal or No Deal game. Play along and give the Banker a run for his money and hopefully walk away with a great prize.

How To Play

This all new Deal of No Deal game is just like the show. Start off by choosing your stake, the higher the stake the larger the payouts.

Once the game is in play you will be asked to choose one of the 26 available boxes. This will be your box. You then go through the boxes, picking one at a time. After a certain amount of boxes the banker will call and offer you a deal, you can either choose to accept or decline, therefore Deal or No Deal.

The games features a Quick Pick functions. This gives you the ability to randomly pick 6 boxes at once, or the ability to mix and match, eg 3 quick match and you select 3. After 6 boxes have been selected, the Quick Pick button will disappear if it was used, and the studio lists will dim, the Banker will then ring.

The Banker will offer you an amount dependent on the amount left on the board. Should you choose to accept the bankers offer, you click the Deal button. The amount that was in your box will then be revealed and the amount you accepted from the banker will be awarded to you. Should you decline the amount the banker offers then the game will carry on playing.

After another 5 boxes have been selected the banker will call again. This will continue in the same format as the first round. This will continue until all the boxes have been opened, except one and your own or you accept the bankers offer. At the end of the game you will either accept the bankers offer or take the value of the box on your table. The game will then be over.

RTP: 95.5%