Mini Roulette

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Mini Roulette is the perfect side game companion for bingo players. This version of Mini Roulette gives you the full roulette wheel and betting options for a game of European Roulette, yet it’s a light version that you can easily play on your bingo screen. Time to try your luck at the Roulette table!

How To Play

Playing Mini Roulette is just like playing a regular version of Roulette except that this Mini Roulette game can be played faster and more simply, making it the perfect side game to play while you’re at a Bingo hall.

All you need to do, after initializing the game, is use the up/down buttons to select a chip value. Then click on the areas of roulette table you wish to bet on to place your wager. To increase your wager amount, simply click the same betting selection again. After you are happy with your selection, hit the Spin button to start the game. We’ve included some handy tables below so you can see what the possible bet types and bet limits are that you can place in this Mini Roulette game.

Watch the roulette wheel spin until the ball lands in a slot to reveal the winning number. All winnings are highlighted in the Win field on the game screen and are immediately added to your account balance.


Mini Roulette is all about quick and easy play! In this version of Mini Roulette, you can use the Turbo feature to speed up the pace of the game play. Activating the Turbo feature allows you to eliminate some of the animations in the game so the rounds to go faster.

This Mini Roulette Game also has a Repeat feature that allows you to automatically repeat your bet selection from the last game (if you’re happy with it). It’s a great option to use when you want to play at a faster pace. But don’t worry – even after clicking on the Repeat button, you can still add or remove chips from your bet selection

RTP: 98.65%