Bonus Use

Bonus Balances

When you receive a bonus, it is paid into Your Bonus Balance. You may be able to spend the bonus on bingo, mini-games in bingo or the other games available on the website. You will be able to see your available Bonus Balance for each game on the actual game or via the "My Bonus Funds" page.

You may have a number of Bonus Balances available, e.g.

  • Bingo Bonus, which you can spend on all bingo variants plus Joker Jackpot.
  • Game Bonus, a game can have its own Bonus Balance, which can only be spent on that game.
  • Category bonus, i.e. a bonus balance that can be spent on any slot games.
  • All Games bonus balance can be spent on any game, except for:
    • Any Bingo Variant
    • Any MPS game
    • Mini-Roulette
    • Blackjack
    • Challenge Roulette
    • Chocolate Balls

    Please note- a specific game's balance is spent before its group balance, e.g. All Slots.

    Funds in your Bonus Balances may only be used to stake on games and may not be cashed out.

    Winnings from stakes made with bonus funds will be credited to your cash account and you will still be eligible to win any available jackpots. They will only be released to your withdrawable cash balance once the wagering requirement for the relevant bonus has been met.

    Bonus funds may be retrieved if:

    • there is no activity on your account for 7 days.
    • you have not spent all of the bonus funds within 7 days of being awarded
    • you withdraw funds before any wagering requirements have been met

    Wagering Requirements

    A wagering requirement is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you are eligible to cash out any winnings.

    Any winnings you make whilst playing on a game or category (cash or bonus stake) with outstanding wager requirements will be stored in a pending balance until you meet the wager requirement. You cannot withdraw cash from your pending balance. You will be able to spend those pending funds to work down the wager requirement in the meantime. Wagering requirements on Vernons Bingo are as follows (unless otherwise states in a particular promotion):

    • Wagering Requirements for Bingo Bonus is 4 (four) times the Bonus awarded to you.
    • Wagering Requirements for a specific Game Bonus, a Category Bonus or an all Games Bonus is 20 (twenty) times the Bonus awarded to you.

    Opting in and out of bonuses

    Some bonuses will require you to either opt in or out. By selecting to opt in you are accepting all terms and conditions associated with that bonus. You will not be able to opt out once you make your 1st stake after opting into a bonus. By opting out you are forfeiting the bonus and we will be unable to re-enter you for that bonus.

    Working down a wager requirement

    You may only work down a wager requirement by playing on games or categories that a bonus was awarded for. I.e. if you are awarded a bingo bonus then only by playing on bingo can you work down the wager requirement for that bonus.

    Viewing bonuses with wager requirements

    You are able to view all of your bonuses, information on any associated wager requirement and your progress towards meeting that requirement from within your My Bonus Funds screen.

    Withdrawing funds whilst working towards a wager requirement

    If you try and make a cash withdrawal whilst you have a bonus with outstanding wager requirements, you are liable to forfeit any remaining bonus funds you have. This will not affect any winnings you have made whilst using these bonus funds however, you will still be required to work down the wager requirements before you can release the winnings to your cash balance.

    Releasing your pending funds to cash

    To release any pending funds you have to your cash balance you must work down the entire wager requirement for the applicable bonus. Once you have done that, all funds stored in the pending balance for that bonus will be released to your cash balance. If you still have bonus funds in the bonus then all subsequent winnings from those bonus funds will be paid to your cash balance.

    Bonus Codes

    To redeem a Bonus Code simply click on the Bonus Code box in the Lobby and enter the code you have been sent. This will either give you access to a Private Room or add credit to your Bingo Bonus Funds. This balance can be seen to the left of your cash balance.

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